During the Antebellum period or 18th century

During the Antebellum period or 18th century, America was developing and changing by becoming more self-sufficient, America and its people also learn to transcend their problems and become more democratic. Therefore national movements such as Nationalism and Industrialism moved the United States forward in its development, unlike some movements such as Abolitionism, prevented America to move forward in its development by having a slow pace of flourishing.

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Why Social Violence Is a Threat?

Youth violence is a shared social problem as stated in edubirdie review. Many people thus propose that governments need to tackle this issue by controlling the media, whom people see as responsible for inciting this violence through films and television. While youth are undoubtedly swayed by external influences, I disagree that it is a government’s obligation to censor the entertainment industry; rather, it is up to society itself to handle the matter. Today’s young people may be influenced by many things, from films to websites to their peers. It is unreasonable, then, to single out films and sitcoms as a main influencer of violence. In other words, kids may see violence and kindness, greed and generosity, and all other human behaviors in pretty equal measure everywhere. They can witness all of these things in one news broadcast or viral Youtube clip just as easily as they can in an action flick.

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